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Outdoor Kitchens Bar Areas

There is no better way to revitalize your backyard than by adding an outdoor kitchen or bar area. An outdoor kitchen unlocks countless possibilities for backyard enjoyment — and they also burst your home's curb appeal, too.

Who have your friends and neighbors looked to when they wanted to add an outdoor bar area or kitchen to their property? They've looked to GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa Inc., and for good reason. With customized service, competitive rates, and quick turnarounds, we give clients a customer experience like no other.

Is it time to add a built-in grill to your deck or patio? We think so. Call (281) 446-1702 to get started. We can't wait to help you.

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Outdoor Kitchens Built for You

Looking to spend a little more time outdoors? There is no better way than with an outdoor kitchen and bar from GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa Inc.. Our skilled contractors will help you design your ideal custom outdoor living space that will allow you to cook and entertain in the comfort of your own backyard. We take care of everything from design to installation, and keep you informed throughout the process. Our commitment to excellence and our history of great work means that your property is always in good hands with us.

More Than Just Grills and Patios

Homeowners in our community look to us because they know we do more than simply install a grill in an outdoor area. We have the skills required to design and construct everything from counters and storage cabinets to those prized wood-fired pizza ovens. We can build you a deck, install decorative patio pavers, and so much more. In short, we're able to construct a beautiful outdoor area suited for cooking, dining, and lounging. We bring the indoors to the outside.

Some of our core skills include:

  • Tiling
  • Patio construction
  • Plumbing
  • Gas and electric oven installation
  • And more

Outdoor Kitchens Add Value

When you install an outdoor on your property, you're not just making the coming weeks and months more enjoyable for your family. An outdoor cooking area adds value to your home, too — especially when we're the ones designing it. When the time comes to list your home for sale, you'll find that your outdoor bar makes your home appealing to potential buyers.

Would you like to learn a little more about our outdoor kitchen design services? Give us a call at (281) 446-1702 to schedule a consultation and discover the joys of outdoor cooking and entertaining.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

The inside of your home is customized from floor to ceiling. We think your backyard area should be customized to your liking as well.

When you contract our services, we don't take the reins and design the outdoor kitchen as we wish. We'll invite you to work with us during the design process, and we'll always look to you for approval on any changes that arise. Our approach ensures you get nothing less than the outdoor kitchen you've always wanted.

Are you dreaming of a space where you can cook, socialize, eat, drink, and lounge outdoors? Dream no more—it’s time to make that space a reality. GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa Inc. is a licensed contractor specializing in the design and installation of outdoor kitchens and bars. We partner with homeowners to craft high-quality, uniquely personalized areas where you can entertain in the fresh air with all the amenities and appliances you would expect to find inside.

Implement a budget-friendly BBQ into your backyard or invest in a complete poolside bar set-up. Your options are limitless with us. Some examples of the elements and additions we’ve installed for our clients include:

  • Built-in grills
  • Pergolas
  • Island countertops
  • Storage cabinets
  • Refrigerators and ice makers
  • Fireplaces
  • Pizza overs
  • And more

Indulge in a top-chef-worthy kitchen right in your own backyard. Our team is at the ready to make it happen.

Design Your Outdoor Kitchen With Us

All our outdoor living areas begin with an in-depth and meticulous planning process. The first step of the process involves meeting with our clients to discuss their ideas, expectations, and budget for the project, as well as any other relevant details.

As local industry leaders, our contractors are a wealth of knowledge on high-performance products and brands. If you like, we can guide you through material selections to choose the most weather-resistant equipment that will deliver in performance season after season.

After this, we will get to work on creating a design that incorporates everything we discussed and then present it to you. We welcome our clients to participate as much as they like in this process—it’s your space, after all. We won’t stop editing and revising until it receives your 100% stamp of approval. Thanks to our sophisticated in-house design software, our 3D renderings will present a life-like glimpse into your future product. Once you have approved our plan, we will work out the specifics and get to work on constructing it.

By the way, we prioritize transparency through every stage of design and construction. We will provide you with detailed estimates and go to great lengths to complete the work according to your target budget.

Our team takes pride in our skilled work, creative approach, and ability to work with the layout of any property. Through our detailed preparation and valuable experience and resources, we are confident that we will create an outdoor bar or kitchen that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Kitchen and Bar Construction

When it comes to executing your blueprint, no one is as exact, skilled, and efficient as our crew. Our company partners with an all-around fantastic network of tradespeople, including electricians, gas installers, masons, and more. Every third-party contractor that we hire is thoroughly vetted and diligently supervised to ensure our sky-high standards for quality are met. Together, we work seamlessly and strategically to assemble a fully-fledged culinary masterpiece for your use and enjoyment.

Our clients equally appreciate our consideration of their lifestyle. We recognize that you lead a busy, private schedule, and we strive to pose minimal disruption to your routine. We’ll adapt our work schedule as necessary and work discreetly with respect for your family and neighbors. Day in and day out, we’ll leave the worksite tidy because that’s what conscientious contractors do.

Timely Kitchen Installation

As custom kitchen specialists, we’ve honed our installation strategy into an organized sequence of labor that leaves no minute unused. We pledge to honor our time commitments that we set out in our contracts, arrive and depart consistently on time, and finish your kitchen or bar in a timely manner. Of course, along the way, we’ll keep you informed of our progress and any developments that we may encounter. Likewise, our communication lines are always open should you have questions, concerns, or special requests.

You’ll be firing up the grill and sending out invites to family, friends, and neighbors before you know it.

High-Quality Outdoor Kitchens

We only install premium outdoor kitchen appliances and surfaces, so you are certain to get a long-lasting and valuable addition to your property. No matter what type of fixtures you are looking for or materials you would like to use, we only source our products from reputable suppliers that are guaranteed to give you the superb cooking area you are looking for. All our outdoor spaces are designed to withstand the elements while giving you a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your property.

The Structure

There are several ways we can build the base cabinet of your outdoor kitchen, but generally it will be constructed of concrete masonry block with a brick or stone-wrapped exterior. In the case of unusual shapes or designs, we will build it with steel framing. There are many different designs and shapes to choose from, such as curved, straight, island or “L” shaped. Whatever your needs are, we can design and build your outdoor kitchen to fit your style and budget.


Installing underground pipes, drains, and gas lines are typically required with outdoor kitchens for the sink, grill, and ice maker. Our licensed plumbers will handle all of the plumbing work associated with the outdoor kitchen. Our plumbers will run the underground gas and water lines/drains and make all connections from your home to the gas grill and sink.

It is essential for your water and gas line plumbing to be correctly installed. A mistake in either system can lead to dangerous situations or costly repairs. Hire GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa Inc. to avoid both. Turn to us when you require incredible contracting skills for your upcoming project.


There are many options for countertops, but one of the most popular choices is granite. We use 3cm granite which is better suited for outdoor climates/temperature. The 3cm granite is very heavy and durable and there are many options for your edges such as full bullnose, half bullnose, beveled, flat polish and chiseled. We have thousands of slab colors to choose from. Granite is a natural material and can vary from slab to slab, so we allow our clients to hand select the exact slab that will finish off their outdoor kitchen or bar. All of our granite is separated into levels depending on color and origin and you will have the option to upgrade to any color you like. The showroom also has a wide variety of sinks and faucets to personalize your sink just the way you want it.

Another design options for the countertops is adding a high bar or incorporating the high bar with a round table at one end for additional seating. You can turn your outdoor kitchen into the neighborhood bar & grill for entertaining your friends and family! Granite is a beautiful choice that will last for a very long time with very little maintenance. Nothing beats the beauty of our polished or leather finish natural stone!


We can build a tile backsplash with a unique design and there are an unlimited number of designs to choose from. If you can think of it, we can do it. From natural stone tile to ceramic and porcelain, mosaics, glass, or accent tiles, the sky is the limit on what you can do with tile design. Together we will go over your options so you can pick out the tile that you want to fit your style and budget.

Our expert crew can handle tile projects of all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with our team to tell us about the tile vision you have, and we will apply our expertise to your idea and build it!

Tile is an aspect of construction that is multi-purpose. Tiles provide both form and function and require a skilled contractor to be done properly. After only mere minutes of watching our teamwork, you will be convinced that we are also tilers par excellence beyond being outdoor kitchen and bar construction contractors.

Expect nothing but the best when you look to GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa Inc. to help you with the tiling you need for your outdoor kitchen project. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation building consultation.

Stainless Steel Components

There are many different kitchen components that can be used to make your outdoor grilling experience more functional and efficient. Stainless steel storage doors, utensil drawers, trash can slide-out drawers, paper towel holders, ice makers, fridges, wine coolers, crawfish boiling stations, and many other options are available. We have been the sole builder for outdoor kitchens and fire components for The Fire Box (link “The Fire Box” to in Humble, Texas now for over 8 years. At their Humble location you can preview a wide range of different grills from Fire Magic (link “Fire Magic” to, AOG (link “AOG” to and RCS (link “RCS” to Each manufacturer will have a wide variety of sizes and features to best serve your cooking needs, whether it be a gas grill, a wood-burning grill or a combination of the two. You will also be able to choose other options such as LED lighting, side burners, infrared searing element and rotisserie. The grills we recommend are beautiful and very well-built, and will last a very long time if maintained well. A local service tech will handle any warranty needs for your new grill.

We will install all of your components, including the grill and appliances, so that you will have a very functional and efficient outdoor kitchen!

Fire Features

Adding a fire feature will give you a warm, cozy feel that will beautify your outdoor living space. Features such as outdoor fireplaces, firepits, and table-top flames can be a great focal point of your outdoor living space. We also can build brick-fired pizza ovens and open-flame grills. Gas lanterns and gas tiki torches are also great ways to add unique lighting and a completely different feel for you and your guests.

With so many different fire feature options, we are confident that we will find something you like and help you build it. By collaborating with you, we will craft an innovative design that both you and your family/friends will be happy with. We know just what to do, whether you are looking for a more traditional fire feature or something with some modern flair.

If a collaborative approach to designing and building your backyard fire feature is what you are looking for, please get in touch with our team. We look forward to providing you the same excellent service that has pleased our previous clients, and we can't wait to make your outdoor kitchen/bar the best place to be on your property.

We look forward to helping you design and build the outdoor kitchen or bar, or both, of your dreams. When you enlist our services to help you achieve this goal, you will be joining the likes of our previous clients, all of who are presently happy with the outdoor kitchens and bars we helped build.

In building so many outdoor kitchens and bars, we know how to take care of them too. Our team is more than happy to offer you maintenance tips and come back to help you solve any problems you may face in the future to do weather or otherwise.

We guarantee that by hiring GM Outdoor Living, Pool & Spa Inc. to help you with your outdoor kitchen and bar, you will be happy with the results you see, and it will end up being your new favorite place to hang out on your property.

Make Your Backyard Kitchen the Place to Be

A luxurious outdoor kitchen or bar is a fantastic place to host guests and spend time with your family. Fully accommodate all your guests in the comfort of your backyard while you grill, prepare food, and serve drinks. On a beautiful Texas day, nothing is better than being able to get out of the house and enjoy some quality time while you prepare a great meal. With our custom outdoor living spaces, you never have to worry about running in and out of the house to watch your food cooking and can simply enjoy the elements as you get things ready.

Backyard Kitchens and Bars That Match Your Budget

Our dedication to honest work and affordable pricing makes us an easy choice if you are searching for a company to build you an outdoor living space. We will work with your budget and even offer convenient financing options through several institutions to help you create your dream property. To learn more and get a quote, we invite you to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

After dedicating ourselves to providing exceptional service to our clientele at great prices, we possess the necessary knowledge that will save you money at every turn throughout the project. Over time, we have developed an excellent relationship with our local materials suppliers and always get great prices from them. Additionally, we have a sound knowledge of products to the extent that we know exactly where we can save you money without sacrificing quality.

Get Your Grill On Now

Are you eager to add a built-in grill to your backyard deck or patio? We don't blame you. Thankfully, there's not much you have to do. All you have to do is contact our offices and we will help you schedule a consultation at a time most convenient for you. During your consultation, we'll tell you everything you need to know. From there, we will get started on designing your outdoor kitchen or bar area to your exact specifications.

Call (281) 446-1702 to get started. We cannot wait to serve you.

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